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Welcome to Talented Community! We only have a couple of rules related to Slack:

1. No harassment. Talented's open developer community is a great opportunity to get to know people. It's a place for information sharing and enabler of conversation. We don't want it to be a channel were headhunters start to harass users. If we get any feedback about inappropriate behaviour, we will remove you from Slack and any other Talented services.

2. Talented Community Slack is part of the Talented's paid services, which are subject to our General Terms and Pricing. If you find new employees through our services, we have succeeded in our job and will charge accordingly.

Join the Talented Community of 4000+ software professionals! We’re quite confident that whatever questions you have in mind, someone in our community will be able to help.

+ Peer support from over 4000 techies of which over 1500 are independent contractors

+ Over 150 partner companies and their decision-makers to connect directly with

+ Information on our partners’ open positions and projects

+ Tips on the direction your particular field is growing in and what sorts of skills you might want to acquire for the future

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+ Information on employers and helping you to find the ones that fit your needs and career ambitions the best
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+ Smooth transition from employment to entrepreneurship
+ Outsourced customer acquisition
+ Support for contractual and legal questions

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